Audio / Video Examples / Demos

This video was shot in June 2017 and features Luke Murgatroyd , Lydia Marcazzo & Mike Watson.

This is a cover of a song by Glenn Scrimshaw which was originally written in the 70s. It features Marty Wilson and Penny Johns. The song is the last track on Marty's new CD "Let The Good Times Roll"

"Showreel" featuring Michael Franklyn

This was recorded with 4 cameras and 16track 24bit digital audio. Edited, mixed and mastered at 'The Ark Recording Studio'.

"Defying Gravity" 

This video was made to showcase some of the recording techniques and facilities available at 'The Ark'. It features Penny Clarke - vocals, Chris Hempsall - drums, Ian Blackburn - guitars and Steve Allen - piano / orchestra overdubs. The drums were actually recorded by Chris at his studio in Camberley and then mixed by Steve at 'The Ark' for this video. If required, Steve can also produce a polished music video from pre recorded client footage.

"Cry Me A River" - (Basic Video Demo)

A piano and vocal version of an old classic featuring Yvonne Patterson (vocals) and Steve Allen (piano). 

A short selection of edited down rehearsal tracks from a theatre production Steve did (October / November 2013).  Featuring full orchestral arrangements using only samples. Each piece was fully scored for full orchestra before being recorded.

All tracks featured on this page (unless indicated otherwise) were arranged, recorded and produced by Steve Allen.

All the orchestration / instrumentation was produced using sample libraries and no other musicians were used unless indicated in the track notes.


All music and video clips on this site are strictly for demo purposes only. All rights of original artists and copyright owners reserved. All clients are responsible for any licences and copyright clearance if any of their material is to be for public sale or performance. Details available on request.  

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