Music Arrangements

Music Arrangements are an essential part of any performers' toolkit. The quality of those music arrangements (or band parts) can make the difference between a band struggling to accompany an artist or making the artist shine. Even the best musicians can be put under unnecessary pressure by having to read badly written charts. By the same token - less gifted musicians can be helped enormously by clean, clear and well presented music. Even if it is difficult material, if it is of a high standard, musicians will give it respect and in turn raise their game. 

As an artist, the last thing you need at a band call is the musicians having to second guess the charts and possibly moaning and groaning. It puts everyone on edge and can potentially spoil the show. If a rehearsal is not available then it is even more imperative that the arrangements are as clean, accurate and playable as possible to avoid mistakes and potential 'train wrecks'. 

Steve's first site reading gig experience was gained when he was 15 where he spend much of his early professional career as an organist & keyboard player in the north east 'working mens clubs'. 

This key early period was to become a great foundation for developing not only his site reading skills but also the art of arranging music for other artists & musicians.

 Over the years Steve has accompanied well over 1000 live performers and so has seen some of the best & worst music arrangements. This experience has been vital to be able to produce music arrangements which not only look good but play well and instantly gain the respect of the musicians called upon to read them. 

He has a particular fondness towards the work of some of the great names of our modern times and draws great inspiration when arranging from the likes of Jonny Mandel, Clause Ogerman and the late great Nelson Riddle. In fact "Arranged By Nelson Riddle" and Don Sebesky's "The Contemporary Arranger" continue to be valuable sources of reference. 

Steve produces band parts to the highest standards for artists working with live musicians or theatre productions requiring professional arrangements. From a simple piano part to a full blown pit orchestra - all beautifully presented using Coda FINALE (high end notation software) and with parts laser printed @ 1200 dpi on high quality 100 grams  paper.

All work is based on the standard studio rate of £35 per hour

Some examples of potential costs would be as follows:

4 piece (keys, bass, guitar and drums) around £80 per song (average complexity) 

Front line parts @ £15 per part per song

eg. Average soul type song written for rhythm section and 4 horns
(trumpet, Tenor, Alto and Trombone)
Would be £80 + £60 = £140

Additional instruments @ £15 per part eg. 2nd keys or percussion

Medleys (based on 4 songs) approximately £200 for rhythm section
And £40 per front line part

eg. Average soul type 4 song medley written for rhythm section and 4 horns
(trumpet, Tenor, Alto and Trombone)
Would be £200 + £160 = £360

Less songs would reduce price accordingly.

A 3 week lead time would be a sensible margin for completion of a 45 - 50 minute show. The turn around could be quicker but dependent on the circumstances at the time.  

PDF Examples will be added to this page very soon! 

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