Recording Services

Recording Services offered at 'The Ark' recording studio:

Digital Multitrack Recording:

* From a short demo to a full blown CD album (produced from scratch or using customer supplied / downloaded backing tracks). 

* Original song arranging, recording and production - Take your basic (or not so basic song idea) from a lyric, melody & a few chords to a polished track. Ideal for pitching to publishing companies etc.

* Recording & production for unsigned bands / artists / instrumentalists.

* Full production for theatre shows (musical arrangements, click tracks, rehearsal tracks etc).

Multi Camera Video Recording & Production

The Ark is now equipped with video recording facilities. Client's can have their session(s) videoed in Full HD with 4 cameras and edited to suit specific requirements. All videos optimised for upload to the web and compatibility with a wide range of devices.

Showreel Video Production 

On location multi camera (up to 6) full HD video recording with 18 track 24bit digital audio. This service is incredibly cost effective as it doesn't require camera operators. All the close up shots are handled by top of the rage GoPro HD cameras and controlled remotely via wifi. Check out this recent showreel taken from The Dreamers new DVD - "Here And Now. I shot this using the system described above.

Many showreels done on a low budget are flawed by being restricted to one camera from the back of the venue and usually audio taken from the sound desk which is not ideal. This mix is intended for the room and not for the video so is usually severely compromised.

Multi camera video gives you plenty flexibility to capture your performance right up close as well as your wide shot. By capturing the audio in high quality multi track, you can have your entire performance mixed professionally in the studio in optimum, controlled acoustic conditions.

You also have the added flexibility to polish lead vocals and any pitching, intonation issues can be dealt with using the high end Melodyne pitch correction plugin.

Audio Mixing:

Mixing (the process of editing, balancing levels, equalisation,processing with effects & general sweetening of the raw multitrack recorded files) is a very important part of the recording process & requires sufficient time allocated to it to enable the best possible finished result.

The Ark is blessed with a great, neutral and dry sounding control room with a beautiful high spec full range PMC monitoring system to ensure mixes not only sound good in the studio but translate well to other systems.

Projects recorded elsewhere (with perhaps less than optimum acoustics / monitoring for mixing) can be mixed with confidence at The Ark. Your original digital multitrack audio saved as 24 bit wav / aiff files if possible  are all that is required. Additional overdubbed tracks can also be added if necessary.

By the same token, projects can be started here at The Ark and completed / mixed at another studio if required. All the necessary correct file preparation will be done to make sure the project continues smoothly.


Mastering is usually the last part of the recording chain and involves a process of treatments (compression, equalisation, limiting, fade ins / fade outs, dithering etc) to the stereo mix in order to produce the final, polished audio file for duplication or final playback medium.

Steve would always recommend mastering be done at a dedicated high end mastering studio. However high end mastering is extremely expensive and beyond the budget of a lot of people. 

Mastering engineers require mixes to be prepared a certain way to allow optimum processing during the mastering stage. Rest assured Steve provides correctly prepared pre mastering mixes ready for mastering elsewhere.

If you don't have the budget for a dedicated mastering studio you can be assured a high quality mastering service here at The Ark. 

WAVES™ Linear Phase mastering plugins are amongst the high quality processing used in house.

Precision Audio Editing:

Audio editing (altering levels, pitch shifting, time compression, trimming, song form re-ordering etc.) can be required for many reasons. All audio editing is done in the digital domain using Cubase™ Audio editor to sample accurate precision. 

Click Track Production:

Click tracks or "clicks" (as they are commonly called) are used in live performance and television studios etc to add extra pre recorded instrumentation, backing vocals & sound effects etc to the live musicians.

Steve has vast experience (35 years +) working live on stage, in theatres and on cruise ships backing all kinds of shows as a keyboard player and as a musical director. As such he has worked with some of the best and worst click tracks in that time. Rest assured he knows what works, what doesn't and especially what musicians like to work with regarding click tracks.

Steve continues to work as a music producer for theatre productions up and down the country, writing music arrangements and recording click tracked orchestrations to augment the live musicians. 

Custom Made Backing Tracks:

Backing tracks are now abundantly available very cheaply from sources such as Amazon™ and The iTunes Store™. Although there are still some rough sounding tracks out there, the majority are quite respectable and singers can now put a set together using material sourced from the internet very quickly and cheaply.

There does not appear to be much in the way of quality material covering Broadway / West End musicals and large orchestrated material however. 

Steve offers a custom backing track service for artists who need absolutely real sounding orchestral tracks or medleys which are simply not available off the shelf. Totally real, believable sounding orchestral tracks for when only the best will do. 

To make this a more viable option Steve can quote for a package of tracks including:

High quality Backing Track, matching Click Track, full set of Band Parts, studio session to record vocal and mix. A great way to produce an EP and quality material to perform with live. An option of a video of the session is also available.

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