"The Ark" Studio & Equipment List

'The ARK' recording studio in Lincolnshire is music producer Steve Allen's purpose built, acoustically designed and privately owned recording facility situated near Alford (approximately 12 miles from Skegness) on the Lincolnshire coast. 

Boasting a very comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, the studio has also just undergone a major update including:

Computer upgrade, additional mics and high quality pre amps, solid state hard drives and HD video recording with 4 cameras. 

Addition of an extra isolated recording space as well as re wiring and additional lighting to accommodate video recording. The studio features an acoustically neutral control room, separate acoustically isolated vocal room plus a third recording space as mentioned earlier. All three spaces are extensively treated for optimum acoustics and benefit from natural light.

For the technically minded - tracking can be done at extremely low latency and with loads of effects (including multiple instances of Altiverb, Waves H Reverb and QL Spaces which feature some of the finest convolution reverbs currently available.) This adds a new dimension when recording as you can feel you are actually in a high end studio or soundstage! 

Added to this is the ability to send 5 completely separate monitor mixes to the various headphone feeds situated around the studio, along with user control of their own independent mix via an ipad or iphone!

The facility offers artists, songwriters and small bands a real high quality alternative to the traditional, large commercial studio at a fraction of the cost. 

Now with the added bonus of Full 1080p 50fps HD video recording you can fully exploit the power of the internet (Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo etc) to promote your music.

Main recording - now based around an Apple Mac Mini quad core running Cubase Pro 8, 4 x SSD hard drives, dual 23" LCD monitors. 

X-Touch control surface

Screenflow video editing and screen casting software

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Mac Video Converter Pro

Mac Video Ripper Pro

8 Terrabytes of external backup storage

RME Fireface 800 - high end audio interface

Focusrite ISA ONE - high end mic pre with digital card

Focusrite Octopre MK2 Dynamic - 8 ch mic pre with ADAT digital out

Kawai VPC 1  master keyboard controller (New for summer 2014)

Hammond SK1 73 with Neo Mini Vent Leslie Sim.

A wealth of high quality plugins are available including:

Melodyne Studio

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Altiverb - high end convolution reverb

East West Quantum Leap SPACES high end convolution reverb

Waves H Reverb 

Waves Platinum native 

Waves SSL 400 Collection

Waves CLA Classic Compressors

Waves Kramer Tapes, Tubes & transistors

Waves C6 multiband

T Racks mastering suite

Snapper - audio conversion software

Waves GTR - guitar amp modelling 

Toast Titainium 11

Fostex D5 DAT machine

Sony Minidisk 

Dennon Casette

Neumann TLM102

Rode NT2a  

SE Audio SE5 Matched Pair

SM58 x 2, SM57, AKG D112, E604 x 3, Various Red Audio Mics

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Monitoring - Focal Shape 65 active nearfields (new for 2018)  

KRK Rokit G2 active nearfield (small reference)

Samson control room monitor (monitor selection, talkback & cue)

AKG K240df studio monitor headphones x 2

Studio Spares M1000 closed back headphones

Senheiser HD250 studio reference headphones

Etymotic Research ER4s & ER4p in ear reference monitors

Vst / Audio unit plugins include:

NI Kontakt 5

Ravenscroft 275 UVI Software Piano (new for summer 2014)

Acoustic Samples C7 Software Piano (new for summer 2014)

Native Instruments Komplete 10 Ultimate (New for summer 2014)

Ivory 2 (pianos)

NI Complete 10 Ultimate

Korg Digital collection M1 & Wavestation

Steinberg Hypersonic & Halionsonic

EWQL Symphonic Orchestra

EWQL Hollywood Strings

EWQL Hollywood Brass

Berlin Woodwinds

Berlin orchestra Inspire

Cine Percussion

Kirk Hunter Concert Strings 2

Kirk Hunter Concert Brass 2

VB3 organ

Spectrasonics Omnisphere

Sample Modelling (various horns)

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 tel: 01507 439939  -  email:  info@steveallenmusicramp.co.uk